It is located at the “San Antonio” Valley on the banks of the Turia River, our elders count, it was built to give thanks for the lack of accidents caused by the lowered of logs at the river and later in honor of “Abdon and Senén” Saints to protect crops from the the weather.

It is a building with an atrium and arches, belfry with bell and an exterior square with the Way of the and Valencian bricks inside. The access to it is through a double-leaf gate flanked by two windows, once inside, we can see the red brick floor cracked in contrast to the white bench that ran through the walls with arched windows.

On the front of the altar there is a representation of a spike and a bunch of grapes, symbols of the Saints Abdón and Senén.

It is important to have a look to the choir, supported by a wooden main beam and a ceiling of vaults with brocaded beams, the pulpit and the sacristy. In addition, this place is highly valued by the neighbours of Gestalgar for what it represents and the environment where it is located.